Exciting things are happening in the Area 2C referee ranks. Below you will find scheduling information, training information and Rules and Regulation as well as Law of the Game updates.

Case Studies

Interesting website on referee decisions. They breakdown the play, what the referee might have seen and the applicable LOTG. Enjoy!


Referee Game Scheduling in Area 2C

Referee Training

  • AYSO Course Catalog (PDF)
  • Lesson Plans (PDF)

AYSO National Rules and Regulations

Read the Official AYSO rules and regulations and learn how AYSO rules differ from the current FIFA Laws of the Game.

Changes to the Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game have been updated recently by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), and there are some significant changes that affect the youth game. All referees should read the updated LOTG and understand the changes.

New Law Titles

The names of three of the Laws have been updated to reflect changes to the Laws themselves:
Law 3. Was: The Number of Players. Now: The Players
Law 6, Was: The Assistant Referee. Now: The Other Match Officials
Law 10. Was: The Method of Scoring. Now: Determining The Outcome of a Match

Law Changes and Clarifications

In total, there are 57 changes and clarifications to the Laws. These range in importance from very significant (changes to misconduct application for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity) to relatively minor (that a match shall not continue if a team is reduced to fewer than 7 players is now officially part of the Laws rather than a suggestion of the IFAB).

Among the more interesting changes not previously mentioned:

Interference by a substitute or team official will result in a direct FK for the opponents (Law 03)Ball must “clearly move” to be in play for all kicked restarts (Law 08)Attempted violent conduct shall be punished with a send-off, even if no contact occurred (Law 12)Striking an opponent in the face/head when not challenging for the ball shall be punished with a send-off (Law 12)Impeding with contact results in a Direct Free Kick (Law 12)There are many other changes (52 others, in fact), so fire up the downloads and get to studying!

Advice to Referees presents official USSF interpretations of the Laws of the Game. Affiliated leagues, associations, competitions, and officials must implement them to the fullest extent possible. Participants in affiliated matches must not impose personal, unsupported, or unofficial interpretations of any provisions of the Laws of the Game. If a point is not made in this Advice, look first to the relevant Law or Laws of the Game for the answer.

This game report is to be submitted by the referee if there is an issue related to goals, fields, restrooms, field markings, injury, etc.  Misconduct Reporting should be detailed in the appropriate sections of the report. Please make sure players/coaches names involved in misconduct are listed, in addition to jersey numbers. Make sure the report includes all game information at the time of any “send offs”.